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The Paper is a PaintingTM is a rare technique of paper making.
Plant structures are processed into colored pulps that I use to create a piece of paper that is a painting.
In this site you will see available art pieces, as well as

In this site you will see a selection of available art pieces as well as a gallery of some of my past works...Please begin by browsing "The Process," in order to understand this art form which was passed on to me by a master in the tiny papermaking hamlet in Japan in 1973.

Over the years various themes have been the focus of my expression: Trees and Landscapes, Primitive Images, Abstracts, and Animal Portraits-- I behold a tree and imagine myself melding into it...feeling what it is to stretch in silence to the sun and reach down through the earth..... and then express that feeling with fibers from the inner bark of trees! Primitive Images are inspired by ancient symbols of various cultures that relate to human understanding of the oneness of all being.....they include Labyrinths. Process Abstractions are very free flowing and their forms display the beauty of the fibers of which they are created. They are visual representations of a variety of processes that take place in nature and society. I've also enjoyed creating Other Works in the form of lamps, translucent panels, and Paper Fresco -- a custom "wall paper."

The last body of work is very dear to my heart.......Portraits of Their Essence. I began doing dog portraits in honor of the passing of a dear Airedale of mine. Since that time have done many commissioned portraits of dogs and other animals.

It is my honor and pleasure to perpetuate the tradition by passing it on to others.

I am happy to discuss the process and the themes of my work. Feel free to contact me if you wish.

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Susan's preservation and
artwork of an ancient
Hawaiin temple.

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